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December 2013
4x20.gif (55 bytes)Featured in Volume 5, Issue 12, of Pacific Northwest Rail News on our 5th Anniversary. Contact
Bill Virgin to subscribe: Pacific Northwest Rail News, 15642 129th Court SE, Renton, WA 98058

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February 2013
4x20.gif (55 bytes)A story about wTrak at a train show at Seattle's Pacific Science Center as well as the Mini Maker's Faire can be found at the Play-Trains blog.

February 2012
4x20.gif (55 bytes)Gary Wells, attending a show in Monroe with Portland Car & Foundry, a maker of custom HO scale cars and structures, wrote, "The worst part of taking any child to any train show are the many 'Don't touch' signs...frustrating for children, and a constant bother for the parents trying to enforce the request. The best part of wTrak is that it is set [at] the perfect height for eager operators. And eager operators there were in plenty! So, I think I am about to engage in modeling in a new 'scale'. I must confess a personal penchant for wooden track trains. I like the ‘hands on’ aspect. My favorite part of modeling trains is making up the layouts, and wooden track certainly makes that quick and easy. And, from experience, I can tell you that it is possible to ‘specialize’ your wooden track layout. Mine is ‘logging’. It will never be photo realistic, but in my mind, it is beautiful. I can let kids and grand kids play with it, too! ...Which is going to be the most difficult part of WTrak to standardize. The adults involved are going to have to understand that they are playing by ‘kid rules’.

February 2012
4x20.gif (55 bytes)Bob Hayes at Bakatronics designed a custom circuit for our Mountain Village module that cycles individual lights to flicker out and then gradually fade back on like a tunnel with wiring issues. He also recommended a solution for subway lighting for the City & Subway module. A separate circuit adds blinking corner lights on the tallest building with a helicopter landing pad. The application is highlighted in a customer projects page.

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February 2011
4x20.gif (55 bytes)On the TrainBoard.com website, a dad who attended the 2011 Monroe Train Show with his sons wrote, "My favorite and my kids favorite layout was the WTrak wooden modular layout by Tom Stephenson"

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