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indent TurnaroundCrossaround

Turnaround & Crossaround

[10"x18" End, Complexity 1/10]

indent A turnaround module is needed at each end of a layout to ensure continuous play - and the easiest solution is a half-radius. A similar intersecting version is also shown. These are compact and very easy to construct.



Makeup Endyard

[48"x18" End, Complexity 5/10

indent An endyard for making up trains to transit through the railway. This module was designed to be paired with the 'Makeup Endyard Entry' module, but can be used separately or with other medium modules to vary entrance paths into the yard. It complements and provides counterbalance to the 'Rerouting Endyard' module.



Rerouting Endyard

[48"x18" End, Complexity 3/10]

indent This module was carefully designed to allow trains to come in from any track and exit again on any track - including the track entered on. Most return routes are easy to resolve, but a few are more subtle. For one entry/exit combination, it is necessary to back through the loop. Refer to the image shown for clarity.

indent indent Oil storage tanks can be set into the loops using images glued to 6" plywood cylinders. A small industrial building and walkways can be added. A yard tower too. This is an easy segment to construct, but requires a fair number of track mitre cuts to achieve. It is a great module to challenge older kids with routing options.



Staging Endyard

[48"x18" End, Complexity 9/10]

indent This is a challenging segment to construct and navigate. Particularly useful for assembling trains to navigate through the table, it can serve as a start and finish point.

indent Place lights underneath the elevated tracks to add depth and focus. Signal lights could also be incorporated. Scrub brush, piles of discarded rail, retaining wall, dust, dirt, coal, fence - features on this segment could be dark and spare. A signal tower and repair shed would be appropriate too.



Harbor Terminus

[48"x18" End, Complexity 3/10]

indent An end module featuring a harbor with shipside loading possibilities. A switchback allows trains to reverse direction for departure. The edge of the module could be redefined as a shoreline, mountain, dam, international border, factory, cliff or other feature that represents a logical endpoint.



Station Terminus

[48"x18" End, Complexity 3/10]

indent A multiplatform station complemented with both a switchback and loop for routing flexibility.



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